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her favourite colour was green
collaboration with Yumemi Hiraki
Schoolhouse Gallery, Rosny

The bitter-sweet shifting sentiments of her… 
In this collaborative exhibition, Yumemi Hiraki and Corinna Howell
reconcile with change and loss towards a loved one, creating visceral
layers of forgone memories. Immersing themselves in past timelines, they
assemble a visual ode to them. Their individual narratives merge and
interact in the space, connected by their shared Japanese ties.

“On our way home” is a work that combines footage of both Yumemi and Corinna’s journeys  home from kindergarten, with nostalgic pit stops at a discrete local bun shop and a lolly shop ‘Apple House’. The original footage was filmed this year by Corinna’s mother in Yoshino-town, Kagoshima Prefecture, and Yumemi’s mother in Hiroshima City before being combined and distorted by the two artists. The sound overlays are clippings from various old and recent home videos.

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