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welcome to my website. :)

I'm a local Japanese-Tasmanian artist living and working in Hobart. After finishing my BFA with Honours at the University of Tasmania, I have been continuing on exhibiting and creating art in the city I really love. 

You'll find me sitting in cafes making Copic marker drawings, or painting in my studio. 

I've recently realised that I could possibly categorise myself as a 'genre' painter - I most often portray the casual, familial and ordinary lives of those around me, the people I love. The activities the figures in my works engage in are simple and portray a common lifestyle, past and present - though I create my works with sentimental and nostalgic intentions. 

If I could pick a word or a phrase to encapsulate it all, it would be: 'longing (for family)'. 

I post most frequently to my Instagram - check me out there for more of my works, and my current endeavours :)

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image: 'dad in the bath-tub', 2020, acrylic on bamboo paper

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